“A terrific collection. Its stories are compact, powerful, and often deeply strange—reflecting, in precise, evocative prose, the ever-more-surreal world in which we find ourselves living. A mesmerizing journey from first story to last.”

—Christopher Coake, author of You Would Have Told Me Not To

“Kessler throws such brilliant light on the relationships between men and women, between the everyday and the surreal, and between what we know of the world and what seems forever just out of reach, that you might find yourself blinking from the glare. Wise, beautifully crafted, and often humorous, these are stories that reward, one after the remarkable other. An outstanding collection.”

—Anthony Varallo, author of What Did You Do Today? And The Lines

“What I love most is how these stories portray contradictory feelings in a single character or relationship—sadness and absurdity, love and loneliness—often at the same time. This is a lively, entertaining story collection that will stay with you.”

—Gabriel Urza, author of The White Death: An Illusion

Of This World is the debut collection from Benjamin Kessler and published by Game Over Books. Richly realized and full with abject weirdness, the collection features:

memorable characters
striking stories
vivid settings
battery eating
a sulcata tortoise
alien abduction
stunt performers
cultural upheaval

and so much more!