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Historically I’ve never really done these types of things, but the community here is one I want to try and be more connected. To that end, I’m getting out of my comfort zone and becoming more involved.

I was tagged by Larissa on her blog Games (and Other Bits) // Musings and Thoughts. Something she said there really stood out to me:

I was originally procrastinating these tags because I felt that they broke the “aesthetic” of this blog, but then I realized how stupid that sounds.

So here I am. I am breaking the “aesthetic” of my blog because it is silly. Plus, if someone is taking the time to reach out to me, the least I can do is listen to what that person has to say and respond in kind.

If you could right now become fluent in any two languages you aren’t already fluent in, what would they be?

I work on Spanish off and on, I’m not fluent. Living where I do, it also has many practical applications. Secondary to that would be Japanese. It’s been a “life long” goal to know it in some capacity, more so that I can watch subbed anime without the subtitles.

What’s something you really dislike but respect?

ATLUS as a company. Okay, I don’t dislike them, but I wish they would communicate a bit more clearly with their fanbase. They make some of the best games in the industry (here is where the respect portion comes in), but their decisions are opaque and confusing. They are worse than Nintendo when it comes to two-way communication, and that’s an achievement within itself.

Is there a dead or inactive website or blog that you miss?

CheatPlanet. Yes I used to use “cheats” in games, and no, I don’t regret it.

What would you use to introduce someone to your hobby (what your blog is about) if they have zero prior knowledge about it?

My blog is all over the video game spectrum, which I feel like most people get to some degree. If they had no idea what video games were, I’d hand them a Nintendo Switch with a copy of Animal Crossing loaded. 

What’s your favorite super pretentious sounding color (ex. burgundy, chartreuse, etc.)

Amethyst purple

What’s your favorite recipe?

I’ve been making this french toast lately, and it’s delicious.

3 slices of white bread
2 eggs
1/4th cup of milk (imperial system, sorry)
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 tablespoon sugar
Pinch of salt
Olive Oil

Begin by preheating a pan to medium-lowish heat. Combine enough butter and olive oil to coat the pan. The olive oil raises the burning point of the butter, so you can have the pan hot enough to fry, without having burnt butter.

Mix the eggs, milk, sugar, cinnamon, and salt in a dish. Once combined, dip (or dunk, I love soaking my bread all the way through) the slices in the concoction. Put them in the pan and flip once the bubbles around the edge have settled. Add more butter/oil between slices if needed.

I could probably make a recipe blog, I love cooking.

What’s a post you’re proud of that you wish more people would read?

I probably spent the most time on my Persona 5 confidant blog entry, but the post I’m most proud of is my retrospective on PlayStation Gamer Advisory Panel. As far as I’m aware, this post is the most complete, single source of information for this piece of PlayStation history. 

If you are reading this post and feel like it’s something you want to do, consider yourself tagged! I am still somewhat new here and I don’t want to drag anyone out of their comfort zone. Thanks again to Larissa for taking the time to tag me.

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2 thoughts on ““About the Author””

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only person who was self conscious about breaking my blog “aesthetic” 😀

    I’m definitely feeling that way with ATLUS right now especially since it seems like they may not even localize P5 Strikers? And SMTV is…somewhere?

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